SAR Species Hunt

Our Ultimate Predator

THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE ULTIMATE PREDATOR IN OUR SPECIES CHALLENGE....WHO WILL IT BE? The angler with the most species of course on closing day October 31st 2018!....You must catch at least 26 different species to get to the top of the table and gain this status.

Your Status: Great White

You must catch twenty different species in Marlin first to become a Great White  member.

Your Status: Marlin

You must catch 15 different species in Tuna before moving up to Marlin status

Your Status: Tuna

To attain tuna status you must catch ten different species in mackerel status first.

Your Status: Mackerel

To attain this status, you must catch five different species in sardine status first.

Cod, Coalfish, Eelpout, Flounder, SS Sea Scorpion, Whiting.
Cod, Dab, Dogfish, Flounder, Pouting, Whiting.
Mark Davison
Coalfish, Cod, Dab, Flounder, 5B Rockling, Whiting.

Your Status: Sardines

Catch five different species as a sardine and you'll move up to mackerel status on your sixth.

Liam Muizelaar
Coalfish, Cod, Eelpout, LS Sea Scorpion, Whiting.
Sam Smith
Cod, Flounder, Shore Rockling, Turbot.
Steven Smith
Flounder, Turbot.

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2018 Species Challenge - Rules and How To Enter
« on: December 03, 2015, 04:41:05 PM »


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The 2018 Species Hunt starts on 1st January and finishes at midnight on 31st October. The challenge is to catch as many different species of fish as possible by rod and line in UK sea water.  The winner will receive a trophy and also entry into the prestigious SAR Hall of Fame.

To take part in the hunt - download the card, put your forum name on it, print it out and take it out fishing with you. Photograph each species alongside the card and post it in the "2018 Species Challenge Entries" thread. Take a photo of the whole fish alongside the card and if necessary take extra close up photos to show any identifying features e.g. the number of barbels on a rockling, the nasal flaps on a huss, the gill flaps underneath a sea scorpion etc. If you are not sure what species your fish is post it anyway with some photographs from different angles (don't forget it's underneath parts) and we will attempt to identify it for you.

The Rules

Fish can be caught from shore or boat and there are no species size limits.

Any species of fish can be entered provided they have been caught in salt water using sea fishing methods and tactics. Fish caught in fresh water are not allowed.

Catches must be fish - other creatures with the word "fish" in their name which are not fish are not allowed  eg. hagfish, starfish, jellyfish etc. 

Foul hooked fish are not allowed, all fish must have been legitimately caught i.e. lip hooked or gut hooked.

Fish must be photographed at the time and place of capture. Any fish which are photographed later at home or wherever will not be allowed. This is to prevent unnecessary killing of fish for points that would not be kept for the table and could have been returned alive.

Individual species of Sandeel are not allowed due to there being very little external difference between species so for the purpose of the species hunt we will only have one "sandeel". The same applies to shads so we will only have one "shad" in the hunt as well.

In the event of a tie for first place at the end of the competition we will have a vote for the best fish caught to decide the winnner.

Here is the card below. Print it whatever size you want, but credit card A7 is recommended and it is an easy size to keep in your wallet or pocket. The card can be used for all the other SAR challenge competitions and also the fish records during 2018 so you only need to carry one card around with you.
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