SAR Species Hunt

Our Ultimate Predator

THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE ULTIMATE PREDATOR IN OUR SPECIES CHALLENGE....WHO WILL IT BE? The angler with the most species of course on closing day October 31st 2018!....You must catch at least 26 different species to get to the top of the table and gain this status.

Your Status: Great White

You must catch twenty different species in Marlin first to become a Great White  member.

Your Status: Marlin

You must catch 15 different species in Tuna before moving up to Marlin status

Your Status: Tuna

To attain tuna status you must catch ten different species in mackerel status first.

Your Status: Mackerel

To attain this status, you must catch five different species in sardine status first.

Cod, Coalfish, Eelpout, Flounder, SS Sea Scorpion, Whiting.
Cod, Dab, Dogfish, Flounder, Pouting, Whiting.
Mark Davison
Coalfish, Cod, Dab, Flounder, 5B Rockling, Whiting.

Your Status: Sardines

Catch five different species as a sardine and you'll move up to mackerel status on your sixth.

Liam Muizelaar
Coalfish, Cod, Eelpout, LS Sea Scorpion, Whiting.
Sam Smith
Cod, Flounder, Shore Rockling, Turbot.
Steven Smith
Flounder, Turbot.

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