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Roker Pier
« on: July 03, 2015, 12:49:17 PM »
Well after a early morning fishing on roker pier.i was informed by one of the workmen to make the most of it as the pier is very likely to be closed sometime nxt week.due to the goings on in the last two weeks.burning of workmens scaffolding on drum end when fenced off.recking the portaloo which is in the fenced off area.on wednsday night the lighthouse was broken into.gained entry through a window via scaffoldind and stole over two grands worth of gear.workmen n council say enough is enough ans there is a meeting today and they are just waiting for top man at council to sign papers n give green light to close it.workman even asked for my number to keep me informed as what happens n could save me waisted journey nxt time go fishing if it gets closed.same lad also said if it does get closed it will be till work is finished on lighthouse which will be aprox 7-8 weeks.he also said that the council have mentioned.on the reopening of pieryou can only fish with a permit and key for gate issued by council.there will probs be replies to this thread with members saying they cant do this and they cant do that but im only saying what i got told this morn from if it does get closed i hope those responsible are well proud of word springs to mind for those responsible.(parasites)

I have copied this from NESA & if true it means that the morons have won  .livid. .livid. .livid.
I personally would pay for a key, as I do for Seaham. My biggest problem is that i know of a few anglers who spend there lives avoiding work, scrounging & fiddling. These people would never pay, they would just climb on the pier on a night time & make honest people look stupid.  .livid. .livid.
I hope the council see sense & start to patrol the pier & get those morons prosecuted instead of taking the easy route & closing the pier.
I will only be out for a couple of hours pet.
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Re: Roker Pier
« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2015, 09:17:24 PM »
it was just a matter of time before the council will close the pier to anglers, cant see how a key for the gate would help as the council intend to make the pier a visitor attraction so the gates would have to remain open for the general public access.
possible they could put a gate house and security staff  who knows  :question: , all councils now have been cut back to the bone on funding and staff redundancy.
its a dam shame that a good venue like roker pier has now been put in jeopardy again by mindless people. .livid., that have no respect for closed gates and damage to property and now theft. .livid.
its one of the few places disabled angers get out fishing
nowt again as usual ,just giving worms swimming lessons officer
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Re: Roker Pier
« Reply #2 on: July 04, 2015, 05:29:13 PM »
Boils my urinate that these mindless morons can get away with this time & time again. Ultimately they will suffer along with the genuine Anglers. It will end up like Tynemouth, with only a few Clubs allowed to fish it. .livid. .livid.
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