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2016 Flounder Challenge Rules and How To Enter
« on: February 17, 2016, 12:58:24 PM »
Welcome to the SAR Flounder Challenge 2016!

The challenge is to catch a flounder 35cm or over between 1st March and 30th September 2016.  The longest flounder will win the competition. If you catch a flounder smaller than this enter it anyway as you could still end up in the top ten :) The Top Ten Table will be kept up to date with the ten longest fish throughout the duration of the competition.

Anyone who beats the 35cm challenge will get an "I Beat the Challenge" badge added to their signature. The winner will recieve a trophy, a "Competition Winner" signature badge and entry into the SAR Hall of Fame.

To enter take a photograph of your fish alongside an accurate measuring scale and your SAR Challenge ID card or Species Hunt card. The scale could be a match measure, tape measure or whatever as long as it is accurate and the length of the fish can be clearly seen in the photo. A second photo of yourself holding the fish is optional but would be very useful for inclusion in the Hall of Fame if you win. So please take one if its a big fish, thankyou.

1/ Sea Angling Reports members only allowed entry into the competition.
2/ Sea Angling Reports members must have caught their flounder after their forum registration date and not before.
3/ All flounders entered must be shore caught, this includes piers, breakwaters, tidal rivers, river estuaries and jetties.
4/ A clear picture of your flounder on a match measure (or other measuring scale) along with either your SAR Challenge ID Card or your SAR Species Hunt Card is to be supplied to Sea Angling Reports Forum.  Either post your picture in the Flounder Challenge Entries thread or email the picture to admin at
5/ Flounders must be accurately measured with the head touching the start of the measure and the tail fin crossing any of the marked centimeter lines.  If the fin does not cross the line then it will be marked down as the previous line e.g. Fish measured at 37.9 cm will be a 37cm fish for purposes of this competition.
6/ Only one fish per member can be in the table at any one time. If you catch a longer one then this will replace your previous entry.
7/ In the event of a tie, a fish off lasting one week at the agreement of those concerned will take place between the tied members, again the longest fish caught during the fish off will win.
8/ Boundaries: Your flounder entry must be caught in UK waters only.
9/ Competition begins on 1st March and ends at midnight 30th September 2016.
Added information, it would be great if you could supply two pictures, one as above fish on match measure with ID card and also one picture with yourself holding the flounder, however for the purposes of this competition you do not have to submit a picture of yourself and flounder if you do not wish to.

Also if you catch a big one and have some digital scales with you, it is worth weighing your fish as you may have caught a forum record!
Finally get out there and catch a few nice flounders and enjoy the spring weather while doing so.  happy_days.gif  Admin, SAR

Here is the SAR Challenge ID card below. Print it whatever size you want, but credit card A7 is recommended and it is an easy size to keep in your wallet or pocket. Right click on the picture and select "Save As" to save it to your device. Alternatively you can click on the download link beneath. This card can be used in all of the SAR challenges/competitions during 2016 including the Species Hunt and Fish Records as well as this Flounder Challenge.

Download The Card Here

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