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Just another 40lb Cod!
« on: July 25, 2014, 08:24:52 PM »

Part one: A good start.

This trip was an absolute cracker from the moment we boarded the plane at Stansted airport, London. The laughs and fish kept coming right through to the very last cast of what was an extraordinary fishing trip.   

After a two hour flight to Trondheim in central Norway we met up with Phill Dale of Skarnsundet Fishcamp who was to be our guide over the next few days.  A short drive through snow covered mountains, passing wild moose by the side of the road on our journey saw us arrive in darkness at the fjordcenter. 
A quick unpack of our fishing tackle and we were soon wetting a line on the pier that was literally only 100yds from our chalet's front door.
Our accomodation on the shore of the fjord which was first class.

We really didn't expect to catch a great deal from the pier but we were all pleasantly surprised at what this great little gem of a fishing mark had to offer the sea angler.

Gregg got stuck into the Haddock early on and had a good few to just under 7lb, these fish are in prime condition and put up a great fight, we all broke our Haddock pb's within a few hours.

A few Codling were caught by us all, Colin Green Snr with an average fish from the pier.

Fingers were crossed that we may see a big Cod or two, £70 for the heaviest shore caught Cod was the prize and Nicky got off to a good start with a cracking 16lb 11 ounce Cod.

A skinny fish or two showed up on the trip and this was the best I could do on the first evening.

We all caught a good number of fish from the pier in the few hours we were there and it was a hard decision to go back to the apartments for some sleep and an early start in the morning.

Phill wanted us to get familiar with the marks in daylight before fishing them during darkness which is normally the best time for shore fishing during Winter. 

Around 9am we were off to Straumen about 10 miles down the road from our base for a daylight recce. The worst weather of the trip was on this day with light snow for most of the day but strangely it didn't really feel that cold, it was certainly nothing worse than what we experience in the UK during the Winter.

Waiting for a bite at Straumen, there were only four Codling to 4lb here during daylight but this was to change BIG!!! time during darkness.


Col took the first of the Straumen Codling but as expected things were very slow.

After getting a feel for the place we left to try a different mark called the Landing which is only 5 mins from the fishcamp.

The Landing.

As soon as darkness approached at the Landing things went ballistic with Davey Tate into a 11.8lb Cod.

Nicky was also into another good Cod that snapped him off at the leader knot, amazingly we dropped a line down to where we could see the fish and snagged his broken line....after a team effort by all the lads, a cracker of 16lb 12 ounce was Nicky's prize.

Not to be outdone, Mick Cave then took a fine 18.14lb Cod which put him in pole position for the £70 first prize. 

Some nice Coalies, Haddock and Codling were caught to 4lb during this session to. Tired but happy with our days work we retired to our apartments with thoughts of what we may catch the next day.   

Part 2: Here be monsters!

We woke next morning to great weather and this fantastic sight from our apartments.
Mick Cave was now well in the lead with his 18lb plus Cod from the night before and this fish looked a safe bet to take the £70 winnings!

Colin Green Snr was up with the larks and managed to blag a short trip out on the boat with Phill while the rest of us were still dreaming of fish from the night before.

An absolute flat calm on the fjord and Colin came back from his little outing with a couple of Codling boated and the widest smile I've ever seen on any one's face before.

The plan today was to go back to the Landing for a few hours and then on to Straumen a little later to fish over low tide.

The Landing

Colin Green Snr with a Haddock caught in daylight.

At the Landing as soon as darkness fell the fish began to bite in good numbers.

Nicky was on fire at this point and he took another cracking Cod of 14lb 13 ounces and a near 7lb Haddock.

We pulled in more Haddock, Coalfish and Codling to 4lb before we were picked up by Phill Dale for our move to Straumen.


Phill talked about the possibility of taking 30lb plus Cod here so we tackled up accordingly. Mr Dale got his rod out finally and showed us all how it's done pulling in a stream of Haddock and Codling, along with the odd one for us.

This was when the man who was "fishing like a trawler", Nicky, beat Phill's previous best with a 28lb 4 ounce Cod. We were all so chuffed that we jumped in the pic with the "Trawler" to.

Nicky was back in the lead and it looked like the winnings were to be his. 

A cast or two later and the "Trawler" had a cracking bite that resulted in this outstanding 48lb 7 ounce Cod,  :shock: unbelievable!!!  We all stood around the fish not really believing our eyes and were ready to hand over the winnings then and there. What a lump, none of us have ever seen a fish that big before.   

28lb'er and 48lber within a couple of casts... not to mention his catch slightly earlier at the Landing, unreal!

We were all bouncing in the van on the way back to the apartments and a sleepless night was had by all, personally I couldn't get what I'd witnessed out of my head all night!

Part three: The fright of our lives!

After Nicky's outstanding catch the night before we were up early and raring to go. We hoped to find a good fishing mark ourselves so asked Phill if it was worth a chuck into the deep water under the bridge, he warned us that it was quite a climb down and he was right!   
Mick, Dave and the two Cols found the hotspot and began pulling in some cracking Haddock to 7lb with the odd Codling thrown in to.

Mick's cracking Haddie over 7lb

Colin Green Snr, with another nice Haddock.

Davey Tate in on the action to.....

The plan after the night before was always to go back to Straumen to see if we could catch some more nice fish, a quick phone call to Phill  to pick us up and it was off to Straumen again. This was to be my last evening here as it was too late for me to visit the next night due to the long drive home from Stansted airport.  Nicky, Col, Dave and Mick returned the night after and I will add both reports together below to avoid a Part four of the story.


Now for the fright of our lives......Big Cod, No!.... Bears in the woods, No!.... Mick's beer belly,YES!!!!

At this point I must add a hazard warning so please turn away if your of a nervous disposition.   

After such a sight it was hard for the lads to concentrate on their fishing but they started to catch and the fish began to bite.

Another good Haddock....

And then the moment I've been wating thirty two years for came, a hard lunge down on my Century Wr300 rod tip and the rod tip sprung back
indicating a possible good fish taking interest in the bluey bait. I grabbed the rod as my line quickly headed up tide. :shock: Fish on! and a good old tussle ensued.  The fish started to come in fairly easily at first but as it headed towards shallower water and a ledge in front of us it took off on two short runs.  With more luck than skill the fish popped up around 20 yds out and somehow I managed to pull it in close enough for Gregg and Col to grab. Thanks lads.

Result, the biggest Cod I've ever seen.  Im only 5ft six inches of beer muscle and this fish was nearly as big as me.  It weighed in at 49lb 7 ounces, what more can I say, I'm really still gob smacked and reality has still not set in yet.  The fish has possibly broken the current European record shore caught Cod and was the biggest ever caught at Skarnsundet fishcamp, Norway.                                                       

This fish took the winnings of £70 and just pipped Nicky to top spot by 1lb. 

The lads popped down to Straumen again the evening after resulting in plenty more fish and another cracker of 45lb for Nicky, this ones markings are remarkable and more like a leopard than a Cod!

I decided on a session at the marina in front of the apartments so I could get an early night and first cast took this 19lb 8 ounce Cod on my tod and you could hear me screaming for help all of the way back to Newcastle. 

Gregg caught to and is the King of Haddock fishing now. 

A huge thank you must go to Phill Dale of Skarnsundet fishcamp who worked his socks off to help us catch fish and have an incredible time, I can't speak highly enough of his service.
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Re: Just another 40lb Cod!
« Reply #1 on: July 25, 2014, 09:26:23 PM »
never mind the skate this is a record breaking catch,  top report remember the hype when yous came back, shame it never got the same exposure...... it surely deserved it      wish i was there to witness them

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Re: Just another 40lb Cod!
« Reply #2 on: July 26, 2014, 09:24:41 AM »
Definately your moment of glory Dave & one you can savour for years.
I was lucky enough to go there with you the following year but despite no 40+ lb fish it was a tremendous fishing experience.
I will only be out for a couple of hours pet.

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Re: Just another 40lb Cod!
« Reply #3 on: August 03, 2014, 05:34:17 PM »
Great report never get tired of reading this one :)

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Re: Just another 40lb Cod!
« Reply #4 on: August 04, 2014, 06:58:55 AM »
ill 2nd that mr thain,its a great report to read.
old timer.good at winding members,but will help out anyone best i can.


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