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Author Topic: Great day on the Sarah JFK  (Read 214 times)

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Great day on the Sarah JFK
« on: July 25, 2014, 08:07:53 PM »

Out today on Sarah JFK from the Tyne.  Yahoo!!! I finally managed to beat my personal best cod from the boat with this cracking 15lbe'r below.

Caught on the shad along with another eight smaller fish to. Another great days boat fishing for sure.   

I shared the sweep today with another guy who took a cod that was also 15lb and from the same wreck.

Sweep shared.

Six inch blue shads were excellent today and I took most of my fish on these bad boys.

Carl who was also on the boat is a fellow shad fanatic and we had a great time swapping stories and pulling in fish.  Carl had a 16lber on the boat only days before and got his pic in the local paper.   

Carl with a good'un.

What an excellent day, some very nice fish boated by most on board.

Tightlines, Dave.
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