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The one that didn't get away!
« on: July 25, 2014, 08:05:47 PM »

Headed for St Abbs today in the hope of some wrasse or pollack sport but got more than I bargained for.   

Caught on a light bass rod, a 14lb cod.

Quite a capture and a new UK shore personal best for me. This fish bit three times, snapping me off twice before I quickly upped my reel mainline to 60lb. I know it was the same fish as I cast to the same spot each time and within seconds the fish was on the bait, to prove it I found my snapped line and bait in it's throat!!!

What a lump and what a cracking fight.

Really, really spoiled today as this wasn't the only fish I caught.

Pollack and codling to various types of lure.  This one on a luminous jelly type eel.

Codling on the sidewinder.

More pollack with the odd coaly and mackeral thrown in for good measure.

Last fish of the day at teatime was a beautifully coloured cod, I didn't weigh this one but I'd say it was in the region of 6lb to 7lb.

What a brilliant day, tightlines, Dave.
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