Jimi's Art

This is a colored pen drawing made by Jimi Hendrix. It belongs to James "Tappy" Wright , a former roady of Hendrix from Whitley Bay. Tappy was an employee of Mike Jeffery and had roadied for The Animals before working with Hendrix. He was with hendrix throughout his career. Tappy has two of Hendrix's drawings and is aware of another eighteen which belonged to Jimi's US manager Bob Levine before he sold them to a private collecter for $8000 each.

Tappy said: "Jimi would do two things when he was travelling around. He would either write songs or draw and paint.
"Most of the drawings he would just crumple up and throw away. I remember saying to him, `Don't throw them away, give them to me. It didn't seem like a big deal at the time, to be honest. I got the paintings in 1970 when we were in New York. I wasn't thinking of the value at the time, they were just keepsakes. I had several of Jimi's guitars at the time as well."

In 2007 Tappy lent the pictures to Maurice Sutherst, who put them on display at his music shop Making Music in Church Way, North Shields for two months.

Jimi's art at Making Music in North Shields 2007 with Gaz Hunter (left)

Tappy with one of the pictures

Maurice met Tappy in the late 1990s after hearing a rumour about a man in North Shields who had one of Jimi Hendrix's guitars. The Geordie lads got talking in the shop one day and the myth turned out to be true - Tappy had the guitar. It was too tempting for Maurice, who decided he had to buy it, and later put it on display in the shop window. Maurice said: "I've sold it now but I can't tell you how much for. It was part of the deal I didn't reveal who I sold it too or what the price was. There were lines of people queuing up in the shop to see it, and we hired two security guards to make sure it wasn't stolen."

Tappy's Hendrix guitar with Aziz Ibrahim and Rob Sutherst (son of the music shop's owner)