About This Site

 This site is totally non profit making and all work has been carried out voluntarily. It is intended to be a free fan site for anyone interested in Jimi Hendrix and his appearances in the north east. Some of the information has been copied from other websites and we hope this has not infringed on any copyrights but if it does we apologise.



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The Evening Chronicle   2007 , 1967
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Hendrix - The Visual Documentary by Tony Brown 1992
Room Full of Mirrors - A Biography of Jimi Hendrix by Charles R. Cross 2005
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Are You Experienced?: The Inside Story of the Jimi Hendrix Experience by Noel Redding and Carol Appleby   1990
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Through Gypsy Eyes by Kathy Etchingham   1999
Jimi Hendrix Concert Files by Tony Brown   1999

Thanks to the people of Crosstown Torrents forum (USA) and South Shields Sanddancers forum for their contributions.

Special thanks to James Fraser, Dave Bainbridge, Geoff Tate and Colin Hart for talking to me about the Cellar Club gig , Joy Askew for talking to me about the City Hall gig, Bill Chesters for his Club A Go Go contributions and to Keith Johnson , Keith Fisher ,  Les Edgar and Alan Walton for their fantastic photographs, also to Roger Smith and Caesar Glebbeek for their valuable help.